#backtotheroots in #lockdown

We musicians are condemned to silence at the moment. In my profession as a conductor, I cannot perform with any orchestra, choir or ensemble at the moment. All engagements and projects, some of which have been prepared for more than a year, have been cancelled.

But I need the music to live. That’s why I’m going back on my path, #backtotheroots, to where I can express myself artistically, alone at and with my instrument: to the organ and to Johann Sebastian Bach. At the same time, I want to share “my” music and this experience with my audience, if not live in concert, then via social media.

This is how these small recordings of three organ-works by Bach came about, all three thematically set in the Advent- and Christmas season:

The baroque Stumm organ in the Catholic parish church of St. Martin in Hillesheim, built in 1772, is one of the most valuable instruments in the diocese of Trier and ideally suited for Bach’s organ works.

I will continue this little project in the coming weeks, at least as long as the lockdown lasts, because: I need the music to live. Stay Tuned!