Current press reviews of the 22/23 season at Theater Vorpommern

On C. W. Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice
“(…) The same, but even more comprehensive, applies to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Western Pomerania. Alexander Mayer, the orchestra’s first Kapellmeister and deputy GMD, sets the decisive accents.

©Peter van Heesen

In the acoustically favourable hall, the music-making is as impressive as it is expressive, with sophisticated dynamics, lively sound shaping that variably exploits many sound facets, gestural conciseness and vehement momentum. The whole evening: a listening pleasure, which never loses the all-determining, sonically immensely captivating dimension of a great human tragedy.” (full article on IOCO – Kultur im Netz)

About the Philharmonic Concert with works by Strauss (Oboe Concerto and Rosenkavalier Waltz Suite) and Mozart (Jupiter Symphony)
“(…) A strong evening, for which the audience thanked enthusiastically. And rightly so! For Alexander Mayer, first Kapellmeister of the house, had once again prepared the Philharmonic in the best possible way. A conductor with clear, convincing intentions, an orchestra in top form and with Ilyes Boufadden-Adloff (France) a brilliant soloist – what more could one want!


Mozart already caught the listener’s attention. Mayer’s music-making was highly variable and extremely differentiated, with a noble, remarkably sensitive, supple tone, concise articulation, tonal transparency and a relaxed, captivating manner of playing… A Mozart with that gripping density of communication, not only in the finale, which made the work a special experience.” (full article of the Ostsee-Zeitung)

On G. Rossini: La Cenerentola
“(…) The opera choir of the theatre (Csaba Grünfelder) was, as always, perfectly prepared for a world of sound, which not infrequently lived from the full use of power, but always from rapid musicality. This was ensured at the podium of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Western Pomerania by the first Kapellmeister of the house and deputy GMD Alexander Mayer.

©Peter van Heesen

He gave Rossini’s score a very convincing vibrant joy of playing and fascinating stringency, and through permanent metric-rhythmic variation, captivating gestural conciseness and power; not only in the brisk parlando of the recitatives or the ravishing ensembles. At the same time, tonal transparency and elasticity always dominated, which made even Rossini’s own musical language, which also relies on many a very familiar “set piece”, appear interesting again and again. So liveliness and tension right to the end. And huge applause for a most enjoyable opera-evening.” (full article on IOCO – Kultur im Netz)

On A. Piazzolla: Maria de Buenos Aires
“(…) Just as the entire musical part of the production deserved all praise. First and foremost, Alexander Mayer, 1st Kapellmeister and deputy GMD at the Vorpommern Theatre, who once again brought to life the creative skills he has often demonstrated in a very impressive manner, while always paying attention to sensitivity and sound. And all this with the excellently performing Vorpommersche Philharmoniker.

©Peter van Heesen

In sum: an evening of immensely captivating power – and emotional sustainability.” (full article on IOCO – Kultur im Netz)